Transmission & Primary Drive Tools

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Used to install the seal to the proper depth with transmission assembled. Comes with protective sleeve for seal. Sleeve can ... ...more
Price $92.99
Part No. 28-2799 upgrades JIMS bearing installer tool Part NO. H28-206 to work on the latest Twin Cam sprocket shafts. ... ...more
Price $70.99
Installs main drive gear oil seal (OEM #12077)Seal protective sleeve included to protect main drive gear inner bearings during installation. ... ...more
Price $97.99
Easy-to-use tool with a compact design and graduated scale for easy reference. Works on all belt drive models with a ... ...more
Prices from $22.49
Jims Mainshaft Bearing Race Tool Used to remove and install the inner bearing race on the transmission mainshaft Made in ... ...more
Prices from $242.40
Barnett Clutch Spring Compression Tool. This tool makes it easy to remove and re-install retainer rings on diaphragm clutches Made ... ...more
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