Transmission & Primary Drive Tools

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Perfect for use on 3-, 5- or 10-finger clutch hubs as well as 45 in. clutch hubs. Also works on ... ...more
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Motion Pro Primary Chain Alignment Tool Features: For primary chain alignment For aligning the teeth on the clutch shell with ... ...more
Features. Used to remove and install the bearing inner race on the transmission mainshaft. Terrain=Street;Marketing Category=Cruiser;Tool Type=Race; Bearing & Seal ... ...more
For use on all BDL belt drive units that have the BDL round clutch dogs. Designed to help properly torque ... ...more
Prices from $14.00
Safely disassembles and assembles clutch shell assembly Easily removes and installs clutch hub from its bearing Safely removes and installs ... ...more
Prices from $309.92
Removes kick starter clutch gear successfully, without damage to the gear Made in the U.S.A. ***There are absolutely no returns ... ...more
Prices from $190.20
Engages and holds the clutch splines when installing/removing clutch. Lets you set the torque correctly on the clutch hub nut. ... ...more
Prices from $16.15
Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool Made from medium carbon steel with hardened jaws Holds clutch hubs, flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc... ... ...more
Jims Main Drive Gear Wrench Tool Removes larger 2-1/4" hex nut from end of main drive gear that secures the ... ...more
Prices from $158.99
Jims Transmission Sprocket Locknut Wrench Inner collar will retain wrench to nut for safer work Extra-long two-piece design Made in ... ...more
Prices from $158.99
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