Tire Irons, Bead Breakers, Repair Kits & Valve Tools

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Simply thread the puller through the valve hole in the rim,screw the cap onto the valve stem of the inner ... ...more
Prices from $10.96
Changing tires is about as much fun as painting your house,but having the right tools can make the job easier. ... ...more
Prices from $14.20
Allows a straight pull on the stem. Force is evenly distributed on the stem so it seats correctly and seals ... ...more
Prices from $17.04
Insert the wire through the valve hole in the rim. Attach it to the tire valve. Insert the inner tube ... ...more
Prices from $7.54
If you own tire irons,then you should own a set of these inexpensive protectors. Slip them between the wheel and ... ...more
Prices from $7.54
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