Sabona Cross Cable Magnetic Bracelet - Size XL

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Contemporary style magnetic bracelet. Stainless steel with decorative cross designs. One 1200 gauss magnet in each link. Secure hinged clasp closure ... Read more
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Brand: Sabona

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  • Contemporary style magnetic bracelet
  • Stainless steel with decorative cross designs
  • One 1200 gauss magnet in each link
  • Secure hinged clasp closure
  • Durable to endure the activities of everyday life
  • This Sabona magnetic bracelet incorporates stainless steel with a modern design that incorporates easily into your business or casual wardrobe - an attractive magnetic bracelet that fits your lifestyle
  • Magnets are crafted of rust resistant samarium cobalt and are a minimum of 1200 gauss in strength
  • Sabona manufactures and markets fine copper and magnetic bracelets worldwide
  • Established in 1959, Sabona has offices in
  • England and in the
  • United States, and is internationally recognized as the premier marketer of copper and magnetic bracelets due to strict standards of quality and fine craftsmanship
  • The expected benefit of magnet therapy is that it may stimulate the circulatory system, the flow of blood in the body
  • Increased circulation is desired because the body may access more of the nutrients it needs from the blood
  • This bracelet is imported

Technical Specifications