Klim Radius Pro Moto Goggles (Color: Fire Thorn / Lens: Clear)

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Klim Radius Pro Goggles The Klim Radius Goggles are built on the trusted Radius chassis and adapted to conquer the harshest ... Read more
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  • Klim Radius Pro Goggles The
  • Klim Radius Goggles are built on the trusted
  • Radius chassis and adapted to conquer the harshest riding conditions and deliver technical solutions to the pain points off-road riders may encounter
  • The Radius Goggles deliver uncompromised standards in fog-proofing, field of vision, lens durability, ventilation and comfort to represent the next chapter in optical excellence
  • Features: FOGTECH HD Anti-Fog: Nothing ruins a ride faster than a fogged lens
  • Klim has sourced the best materials and methods to bring you the best in Anti-Fog possible with current technology
  • The FOGTECH HD formula is designed to manage extreme temperature differences and keep in vision in full
  • HD
  • And with the
  • FOGTECH HD and A F I (see below) tag-team working together, nothing gets in your way
  • That means from the early morning chill to the mid-day heat your lens defeats the fog while you conquer your ride Tri-Tested PolyCarb UV 400 Lens: The Radius Moto Goggle keeps your eyes safe with an impregnated UV400 protection and durability that goes beyond the industry standard of two tests by passing three unique tests (EN 174 2001, ANSI
  • Z87.1 and
  • ASTM F659) FOAM3+ and
  • RADVENT Foams: The new FOAM3+ face foam features a more breathable foam that wicks moisture and dries faster keeping your face and goggle dry and comfortable while
  • RADVENT foam provides dust and debris-blocking properties with air permeability and breathability performance allowing maximum air and water vapor to escape
  • Tear-off Posts: Each goggle is equipped with tear-off posts and clip to house multiple
  • Radius Moto laminated tear-off stacks
  • One stack of 7 laminated tear-offs is included with your goggles
  • FOV+ GEOMETRY: Every dimension of the
  • Radius Moto Goggle skeleton has been meticulously engineered to provide the most unobtrusive peripheral
  • Field of
  • View (FOV) available
  • From frame dimensions and strap outrigger angles to the width of our lens gasket material and FOAM3 (see below) system, every component of the
  • Radius Moto Goggle is designed to disappear from your vision as soon as you put it on
  • Unprecedented engineering allows the
  • Radius Moto to combine high-peripheral vision with
  • AIRCHAMBER (see below) maximum volume construction providing the unique benefits of a deep-chambered goggle that doesnt impede your vision
  • AIRCHAMBER: Volume Boost Designed with more volume between your eyes and the interior surface of the lenses,
  • AIRCHAMBER is affected less drastically by changing temperatures and humidity levels, keeping condensation saturation to a minimum
  • FRESHAIR: Ventilation Be Advised, the
  • Radius Moto is a high-airflow goggle and is meant to perform in the most extreme conditions
  • Proceed with caution as the
  • I) intake forces air through the top of the frame and helps harvest airflow that may have been blocked by your helmet brow
  • Combined with
  • FRESHAIR lower and upper frame the
  • KLIM Radius Moto Goggles AIRCHAMBER is continuously restored with clean air
  • Removable nose guard
  • Includes smoke tint lens
  • Includes cleaning cloth and premium case
  • Includes 7 tear-offs

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