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Product Description:Logo PatchAdd Victory Motorcycle pride and style to anything you wear or carry with this Logo Patch. It adds Victory style to every jacket,shirt,hat,or backpack. Dimension: 3.6 Wide 9.1cmLogo Badge PatchAdd Victory Motorcycle branding to any shirt,jacket,vest or backpack with this Logo Badge Patch. Its an embroidered patch that looks great on your favorite gear. Dimensions: 3.1 Wide 7.9cm Globe PatchYou can celebrate living in a Victory Motorcycle world with this Globe Patch. It features Victory Motorcycle branding,a tribute to Spirit Lake,the birthplace of all Victory motorcycles,and the slogan,Ridden Around the World. Dimensions: 3.2 Wide 8.1cmSkull PatchEvery Victory rider has a favorite jacket,shirt,vest,or pants where the addition of this richly textured Skull Patch will rev up extra Victory attitude and style. Patch is 4 wide 10cm. Flame PatchEvery Victory rider has a favorite jacket,shirt,or vest that will look even better with the addition of this Logo Flame Patch that features metallic threads. Patch is 7 wide 17.8cm. Red V Leather Patch100 leather patch to show the Victory spirit.,Color: BlackMaterial: 100 LeatherProduct Dimensions: 3.75 9.5cm wide.
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