Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boots Euro 46 Black

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Sidi, always the technology market leader is taking race boots in an all new direction with the Mag-1. Combining an ... Read more
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Brand: Sidi

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  • Sidi, always the technology market leader is taking race boots in an all new direction with the Mag-1
  • Combining an innovative internal bracing system with well chosen design elements and materials to create a very lightweight, yet ultra protective race boot system
  • The Mag-1 boot comes in at 4.4 pounds, over 14oz or 17% lighter than the
  • Vortice boot!
  • The rear upper is made in polyurethane, and is assembled to the boot with two screws: one on the outside under the TECNO-3
  • Magnetic mechanism, the other on the inside which holds the micrometric adjuster strap
  • The screws support and block the internal support system which is made with carbon fiber beams, making up the frame of the boot
  • This system allows excellent flex movement front-to-back while being firm side-to-side
  • An all new
  • Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanism is easy and quick to use as well as being highly adjustable and light in weight
  • The TECNO-3 Magnetic closures close the boot with an extremely resistant steel wire, that is hooked to the clip with the aid of a magnet
  • Arch and
  • Achilles areas are covered with
  • Sidiā‚¬s exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels
  • The arch area utilizes two
  • TPU bands next to the TECNO-3
  • Magnetic closures, for a maximum support and wrap of the arches
  • Asymmetric and shaped shock absorbing heel cup, smooth and flat inside, for more adherence with the bike, with shock absorbing system in the back and outside
  • The shell and the shock absorbing system are replaceable through a screw and an interlocking system
  • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad
  • Dual compound sole
  • Technomicro is used as a base material
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas
  • All bolt on parts (shin, heel, closures, toe slider) are replaceable
  • TPU toe shift pad
  • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining in the boots upper with a soft and comfortable
  • Cambrelle lining used in the toe area
  • All screws that attach the various technical parts are recessed so as not to damage the bike
  • The toe slider is made in nylon reinforced with fiberglass
  • It is fitted with a new air intake and an innovative alloy insert
  • The Mag-1 has a widely adjustable calf area that can accommodate riders with up to an 15-inch calf diameter 11.5-inches above from the bottom of their heel
  • US Size 7.5
  • Metric Size 41 US Size 8.5
  • Metric Size 42 US Size 9.5
  • Metric Size 43 US Size 10
  • Metric Size 44 US Size 11
  • Metric Size 45 US Size 11.5
  • Metric Size 46 US Size 12.5
  • Metric Size 47

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