Alpinestars SMX Plus Vented Motorcycle Boots 2013

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Brand: Alpinestars

  • Features:Contoured high modulus shin plate protector gives superior impact and abrasion resistance
  • Alpinestars uniquue multi link control system provides advances external protection and support for ankle articulation; limiting hyper torsion; hyper extension and hyper flexion as well as providing achilles and ankle impact protection
  • Wide heel counter with lateral ventilation extends to the ankle and is combines with a shock absorbing padded insert and self modling ankle protectors
  • Dual density
  • TPU toe slider; replaceable; with snap-in assembly providing protective coverage around the outer toe area
  • Replacable heel slider and external side heel slider are positioned to dissapate and absorb shock and promote sliding during and accident
  • Large front and rear asymmetrical accordion zones are optimized to maximize flexibility for maximum comfort and improved safety
  • Hi-tech microfiber upper construction for lightweight high performance protection
  • Durable sole; designed for improved riding feel; fea
  • Weather=Hot Weather;

Technical Specifications