Rev it: Safeway Belt

Rev it: Safeway Beltenlarge
REV'IT! Safeway Belt An ingenious but simple idea, the REV'IT! Safeway belt is style and safety all in one. Basically just a normal leather belt with an 8" zipper attachment, the Safeway lets you connect your REV'IT! riding jeans seamlessly together with your REV'IT! jacket. And because the belt loops of REV'IT! riding jeans are reinforced and positioned diagonally for strength, the belt forms a strong bond between pant and jacket. So just for a little effort, the rider who prefers jeans can get quite an upgrade in safety. Delivered with both sides of the zipper in case a customer wants to attach it to another jacket Belt comes in one size and the length can be easily adjusted by moving the screw that holds the buckle All REV'IT! jackets are compatible with the Safeway belt
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