Scorpion EXO Baltic Balaclava

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  • It's so cold that rain turns to snow
  • Spit crackles before it hits the ground
  • And the wind can freeze exposed skin in less than a minute
  • What the heck are you doing outside?
  • You're riding!
  • You're outside enjoying the wonders of this planet and you didn't stop just because the weatherman said you should
  • The Baltic Balaclava was made just for you
  • This extra layer of protection features a fleece-backed windproof
  • Airguard lower gaiter; neoprene face mask; and a stretch fabric under the helmet -- creating an effective balaclava that protects your neck and face from bitter cold
  • Warm and breathable; anti-bacterial fleece construction
  • Neoprene mouth and nose area
  • Large Airguard windproof neck and chin areas
  • Silicone grip area at lower gaiter
  • Form fitting elastic side panels
  • Comfortable flat lock stitching
  • Eye port suitable for use with goggles
  • Black

Technical Specifications