Firstgear: 37.5 Basegear Long Balaclava

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Brand: Firstgear

  • FirstGear 37.5 Basegear Long Balaclava First Gear Basegear Apparel and
  • Accessories utilize revolutionary 37.5 moisture transfer technology and a "cling-fit" design to manage the temperature and humidity next to your skin for ideal comfort and performance
  • Constructed of a 92%/8% polyester/ spandex fabric blend created to accommodate your movements and a flat-lock seam construction to guarantee a comfortable fit no matter how frigid the ride
  • The 37.5 Balaclava provides full head and neck/chest protection with extended front and back tails for riders seeking deeper coverage
  • The "
  • Ariaprene" breath guard allows total breath control without shield fogging - and is totally hypo-allergenic
  • Designed to be worn under your favorite helmet

Technical Specifications