Motordog69 Veteran US Navy Challenge Coin

Motordog69 Veteran US Navy Challenge Coinenlarge
Mount a challenge coin and ride with pride, add a piece of your life to your bike Exhibiting the indomitable spirit of America's military, U.S. Navy Veterans have challenged and defeated the world's most ruthless regimes Fighting to protect the freedom of all Americans, their selfless sacrifice and devotion to duty inspires us all This coin salutes all U.S. Navy Veterans, whose courageous service has ensured the success of America's military operations throughout the world Boldly imprinted above the official US Navy seal on the coin's obverse is the word "Veteran" Minted in the reverse against the backdrop of an unfurled American Flag are the letters "USN" This coin is struck in a brass alloy and layered with patriotic enamel on both sides Mounting Plate required 420-489 or 420-490 or 420-491 depending on your bike Can also be use with H-D cow bell horn cover attachment 362-047
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Part No: S760608
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Motordog69: S760608
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