MotorDog69 Thank You Troops Challenge Coin

MotorDog69 Thank You Troops Challenge Coinenlarge
Thank You Troops challenge coin 1-3/4" diameter, struck in brass with baked-on enamel finish from MotorDog69, made in the USA Engaging the enemy with confidence in their cause, Members of the US Military are strengthened by the support and encouragement of their fellow citizens on the home front With each challenge they overcome and each victory they achieve, America's courageous and dedicated troops help to safeguard the liberties upon which our country was founded. For more than two hundred years, these brave warriors have faced down every threat to our democracy, ensuring the preservation of our American way of life and strengthening the foundations of our great nation This coin salutes the tireless determination and uncommon courage of all those who serve the U.S. Military with pride
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