MotorDog69 Retired Navy Eagle Challenge Coin

MotorDog69 Retired Navy Eagle Challenge Coinenlarge
Retired Navy Eagle challenge coin 1-3/4" diameter, struck in brass with baked-on enamel finish from MotorDog69, made in the USA Vigilant defenders of America's freedom, the retired men and women of the U.S. Navy are genuine American heroes Exhibiting the highest levels of courage, honor, and commitment in the discharge of their duties, they willingly braved the unknown to confront difficult and dangerous challenges, decisively defeating America's enemies throughout the world Members of a proud tradition that reaches back to the founding of this great nation, those who have retired from the U.S. Navy join a distinguished class of warriors. Contributing to the strength of the world's most powerful maritime force, they leave a lasting legacy of service and achievement This coin is dedicated to all retired Navy personnel, whose noble sacrifice has strengthened America's security The obverse features a full color rendering of the modern U.S. Navy seal bordered by the words: "Maintaining The Tradition" The reverse bears the Navy's Eagle emblem
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Motordog69: 760607
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