MotorDog69 OP Enduring Freedom Challenge Coin

MotorDog69 OP Enduring Freedom Challenge Coinenlarge
OP Enduring Freedom challenge coin 1-3/4" diameter, struck in brass with baked-on enamel finish from MotorDog69, made in the USA Leading the fight against al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the courageous veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom have played a vital role in strengthening freedom throughout the Middle East. American forces have vigorously pursued their mission to secure the peace. Hunting down terrorists and bringing them to justice, these brave warriors continue to advance America's strategic interests in the region. Exhibiting tireless devotion to duty and an unyielding commitment to the task at hand, the veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom have earned the respect and admiration of their fellow citizens This coin honors the skill, courage, and devotion to duty demonstrated by all those who have helped make Operation Enduring Freedom a success The obverse features a rendering of the nation of Afghanistan beneath the word "Veteran" The reverse depicts a CH-47 Chinook helicopter passing over a snow-capped mountain peak In the foreground stands a soldier surveying the landscape The reverse also bears the Operation Enduring Freedom campaign ribbon
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Part No: 760574
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Motordog69: 760574
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