MotorDog69 MD69 Soldiers Cross Challenge Coin

MotorDog69 MD69 Soldiers Cross Challenge Coinenlarge
MD69 Soldiers Cross challenge coin 1-3/4" diameter, struck in brass finish from MotorDog69, made in the USA MotorDog69 designed and manufactured this "Soldiers Cross" challenge coin to commemorate our soldiers Past and Present This Coin symbolizes and Honors the Valor, Courage, Bravery, and Sacrifice of our fallen service men and women, the Veteran service men and women who have made it back home from war, the soldiers who served with no war, and also the soldiers who have passed on here in the states, all allowing us to keep our United States the "LAND OF THE FREE" This coin has an antique Bronze finish The Obverse of the coin has the Soldiers Cross with a wreath on the outer rocker, including the words "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" The reverse has a large engravable area with the US Eagle holding the arrows and grape leaves (meaning of war and peace), with US flag in the background It is accented with the words, "Valor, Courage, Bravery, Sacrifice"
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Part No: MD69001
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Motordog69: MD69001
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