MotorDog69 Timing Cover Coin Mount for a 1.5" Challenge Coin

MotorDog69 Timing Cover Coin Mount for a 1.5enlarge
Add a piece of life to your bike with MotorDog69's Medallion Plate Covers Easily mount and remove a 1-3/4" challenge coin on your Harley engine MotorDog69's timing cover is designed to show off your challenge coin, rugged and durable triple plated chrome and 100% metal .A 1-3/4" challenge coin is non permanently mounted with a small amount of RTV silicone You can remove the coin by popping it out thru the hole, and remount a new coin, and get a new personalized look Timing cover is mounted to your engine with new stainless steel screws included The timing cover and coin will not rattle off you Harley engine if you follow MotorDog69's instructions The challenge coins are metal and enabled and sold separately, please pick from our selection or use your own coin For Twin Cam 5 hole timing covers
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Part No: JMPCE51.5
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Motordog69: JMPCE51.5
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