MotorDog69 Black Universal Set Screw Mount with Pow Mia Coin

MotorDog69 Black Universal Set Screw Mount with Pow Mia Coinenlarge
Add a piece of your life to your bike with MotorDog69's Medallion Plate Covers, USA Patented and Engineered. Easily Mount and remove a 1-3/4"challenge coin on any flat or slightly curved surface, giving a unique personalized look with your favorite coin. Will fit on any motorcycle, car, truck, boat, or vehicle, etc. The Universal Coin Mount can be mounted non-permanently with screws or permanently mounted with RTV silicone. The coin is non-permanently attached with two set screws, so you can flip the coin over or re-mount a new challenge coin, and get a new personalized look The Universal Coin Mount will not rattle off if you follow MotorDog69's instructions. Made of 100% 6061 aircraft aluminum, lightweight and sturdy Sold as set with black set screw mount and individual coin
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