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New Stores join Veebase! This is BIG!

Exciting new stores for Veebase

Well, the geeky, nerdy protoplasms at Veebase are positively glooping! They tell me that four new stores join Veebase as of today and I’m almost as excited as they are (I have to say that or they go all moody on me).

Actually, I am really excited about the news as it brings some big-hitters on board and increases the number of products available on the site from 150,000 to over 180,000! This must make Veebase one of the biggest V-twin shopping sites in the world so hats off to that team! New stores are always good to have and even I was surprised when I saw them.

So, I hear you ask, who are these new stores? I guessed you’d ask so here they are.


K&N Filters joins Veebase!

As of today, Veebase is proud to announce the inclusion of the K&N Store in its growing list of merchants. Vebase had been after them for a while because, as you know only too well, they make some of the best air and oil filters around for the V-twin market. Not only for the V-twin market but if your Mack Pinnacle CXU13 needs an oil filter, they have them too!

So, with a product line amounting to tens of thousands of air filters and oil filters, the techie splats had to go some just to show you the ones that are relevant to our V-twin community. In fact, K&N have over 100,000 products but the vast bulk of those are for cars, trucks and boats so it was a challenge to dig out just the ones we wanted you to see. But, as usual, our spotty geniuses pulled out the stops and have whittled those 100,000 lines down to just under 2,000 of the truly relevant K&N products you need.

So, need an oil filter for your 2011 Street Glide? Try this one.

Or an air filter for your 2005 Softail. Or, maybe you have a 2013 Victory Vegas Jackpot and you want to replace your oil filter with the right K&N one? Let’s not forget those Buell owners too! Veebase has K&N air filters and oil filters for most Buell models

Durango Boots joins Veebase!

Another of the new stores is Durango Boots. We all know Durango produce some of the best western boots on the planet. But they also have a line of boots to suit bikers. It’s not huge and we hope they’re going to expand it. When and if they do, the ET’s over in Veebase IT tell me that they’ll automatically get added to the site with no additiional coding from them. Yeah, we’ve all heard IT people say they’ll never have to write another line of code but somehow they always end up making more work for themselves. Anyhow, there’s a few boots to see on the site and I rather like this one, a brown Durango Harness boot and only $149! If you’ve got kids, you can find some boots for them too!


Sonic Electronix joins Veebase!

Sonic Electronix sell audio for anything that moves – or doesn’t. ‘Trains and boats and planes‘, to quote a famous Dionne Warwick song, are all catered for by Sonic. Again, the excresences over at Veebase IT HQ had to make sure they only got you relevant products for your V-twin transport of delight. They tell me it was a challenge (yawn) and some of the products you’ll see also have marine applications (I quipped to them that this would be fine for the new underwater Harley Sportster but one of them said no Harley could run underwater because…….yep, lost the will to live again). So, new powerful amp needed? Try a Rockford Fosgate. Want to fit a splash guard to your 2012 Electra Glide? Veebase has one just for you.

And, last but by no means least......drum roll please!

J&P Cycles Logo

J&P Cycles joins Veebase!

Whoa! When they said ‘new stores’, I didn’t think they meant J&P! Now that is a BIG deal! Just one of our biggest V-twin merchants ever! And their products are now available on Veebase! Veebase had always wanted to work with J&P but it was difficult. Finally, the knot was tied last week and the ectoplasms at Veebase IT started swarming. After a while they calmed down and set about incorporating all the J&P Cycles products they could find. Now, as we all know, J&P have a LOT of products! Don’t know how many it is but I’d guess over 50,000 that are relevant to us riders of American muscle bikes. I’m told that the Veebase system is complex, so it doesn’t just show us everything a store has. Lots of filters are applied and store stuff is put thru Veebase’s own categorization process and what pops out the other end gets put on the site. Igor, or whtever the geek’s name was, said they’d be refining the system over the next few weeks to show more J&P stuff that’s currently getting filtered out (I did think about asking why it was filtered out but decided the explanation might cause me to want to pull my own head off). So, while they play on their X-boxes or whatever, check out the J&P Cycles store on Veebase!

Here’s a few to be going on with. Fancy a new RSD Machine Ops Front Right Caliper? Or maybe your girl needs a Crampbuster for her Sportster (be careful who you give that to – pink isn’t everyone’s color!). Lighting your bike up like it’s Christmas? Have a look at the Kuryakyn range of LED’s and that one is on a price comparison too (shame they’re the same price tho). Or perhaps you fancy a slight touch of Gothic fantasy for your muffler – try these Xtreme Dominate tips on your V&H pipes!

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