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General Information

What is Veebase?

Veebase is the only price comparison shopping engine dedicated to American V-twin motorcycle products.

What does Veebase do?

Veebase saves you time and money by enabling you to compare prices, offers, discounts and specifications of thousands of V-twin products – all in one place.

Am I buying from Veebase?

No. Veebase is not a store and does not sell any of the products it lists. Veebase is a price comparison engine that collects and compiles product information from other stores for you to compare. If you decide to purchase an item, you will be directed to that store’s website where you will deal directly with them.

Is Veebase just for Harley Davidson owners?

Veebase is dedicated to all bikes powered by large capacity American V-twin engines. Harley Davidson is obviously the market leader, but don’t forget Victory, Indian and the thousands of custom bikes and choppers powered by V-twin engines from American manufacturers such as S&S.

Odd name Veebase. Is it supposed to mean anything?

Veebase is simply a contraction of the words V-twin and database.


Do prices include shipping & taxes?

No. Unfortunately there are just too many variables – such as your location, the size & weight of package, plus local, international & sales taxes etc. You will need to confirm these at the store checkout or by contacting individual stores directly. However, we do show any additional store discount, coupons and shipping offers on product detail pages so that you can take them into account.

Will I always pay the exact price displayed on Veebase?

While all the prices displayed on are provided by participating merchants, visitors should always confirm all prices, including shipping costs and the application of coupon discounts etc, at the checkout before purchase.

I have a question for a store. How do I contact them?

Individual stores can be contacted via their store detail page which can be located through the Store A-Z tab or main search box.

I have a problem with a product, order or store. Can you help?

Any issues relating to purchases, products and orders should be taken up directly with the store concerned.

I've found a listing that I think is misleading or illegal

Please let us know immediately using the feed back form so we can review the listing and take the appropriate action required. Thanks!

I found a listing that is incorrect or not working collects millions of updated product details every day but, very occasionally, the information we receive from a store may be temporarily incorrect. Please let us know via the feed back form. Thanks!

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