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Is your Harley-Davidson exhaust noise making the right NOISE?

Is your Harley-Davidson exhaust noise making the right noise for you?

Riding a Harley-Davidson isn’t all about the sound – but, hell, it gets you noticed over them other pussies on Hondas and stuff – and changing the exhaust or muffler is one of the easiest customizations you can do. But, have you found the right noise? Our good friends at Revzilla have produced this great video to help you. We could listen to it all day, when we are not out riding! In fact, we do! Ain’t nothin’ sweeter than the Harley-Davidson exhaust noise!

Now, there’s some folks who moan about our exhaust sounds. They seem to think we should play quiet like we was riding a Goldwing or Beemer or some such stuff (sorry to mention those excuses for motorcycles in front of you good folks). Plainly, them folks ain’t riders! So don’t forget, next time you’re sitting on top of some pure American muscle that’s giving it some with 200 decibels and some redneck is trying to tell you to turn it down, you can at least be sure he knows you’re there! As they say, you heard it here first!

Watch this video from Revzilla and you can make your choice.

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Exhausts and Mufflers

Bassini Firepower Series Slip-on Mufflers prices range from $269 to $689

Rinehart Touring 4″ Slip-on Mufflers prices range from $549 to $1209

Two Brothers Comp-S Slip-on prices range from $399 to $819

Crusher by Kuryakyn


Crusher by Kuryakyn – Trident 4 ” Muffler current price $512.99 including discount

Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust for Harley Softail prices from $589 to $1229

For more Exhausts and Mufflers visit Veebase for the best prices to make the loudest noise!

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