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Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches Leave a comment

It’s Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches.

Yup, haven’t we been here before (that’s what Groundhog Day means, H-D, in case you missed it, so Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches is a really big deal)? Has quality control taken a pillion seat at Harley-Davidson? Seems that here in the USA we haven’t yet had this recall but in Australia it’s been issued and someplace called Canada which they tell me is just a ways north of us here has had a recall notice too.

We’ve read a few articles about this but so far H-D(USA) is keeping quiet. Looks like EXACTLY the same problem they did a big recall for in 2014. So, riders in Australia and Canada are getting better treatment than we are. Not on, H-D, not on. All the reports say that this is a SERIOUS problem. You may be unable to restart your bike once stopped or, worse case scenario, the igniton flips off when you’re doing 65mph on the freeway with a big rig right behind you.

Fess up, Harley-Davidson. You owe it to us, your customers and long-term supporters. If a recall is needed, get it out there now! Better that than be hit with a class action.

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