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Cheyenne Bike Recidivist – World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle! Leave a comment

The world’s first tattooed motorcycle, named ‘Cheyenne Bike Recidivist’, created by tattoo artists Tomasz Lech and Krzysztof Krolak from Poland.

Personally, I don’t have any tatoos as my skin is so soft and fair, I’d hate to spoil it. That and the pain of going through a tatoo session, in fact mainly the latter. But, as we all know, bikers and tatoos go together like..well, bikers and tatoos. Some of them are true works of art – the tatoos not the bikers. But whoever thought about tatooing their bike? Airbrushing, yes, but this one, ‘Cheyenne Bike Recidivist’, is covered in human-skin-colored cow hide giving the base for these two Polish tattoo artists to show off their skills. The name, ‘Recidivist‘ means someone who relapses, particularly into crime. Not sure why that name but there it is.

The basic bike was a Softail, they don’t say what year, but there ain’t much of it left! Basically, it’s the Twin Cam ’96 and a bit of frame. Everything else has been constructed specifically for the project by Game Over Cycles in Poland with a little help on performance parts from Zodiac Performance Products for Harley-Davidson in The Netherlands. They’ve gone to some trouble too, getting the right color blend between metal and leather to make it almost impossible to see where one material ends and the other begins.


The tatoos, done with German company Cheyenne Professional Tatoo Equipment, are very finely detailed and with not a little reference, by the look of it, to the troubled history of the 1970’s and early 1980’s in Poland. The designs took Tomasz and Krzysztof over 250 hours of hard work. The overall impact of the bike makes it a showpiece but probably not immensely practicable as a riding machine (tho it does go) – some of that leather looks to be very close to hot parts! But as a piece of artistry, it works! You could spend hours looking at it as both machine and installation art.

The guys who did this have a real talent for engineering and design. We want to know what they’re going to tackle next!

For more images visit Game Over Cycles

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