Brand New Fully Mobile Veebase

Brand New Fully Mobile Veebase Released!

Well, it’s a big red-letter day over at the Veebase HQ! I was asked if I’d like to go over and see their head of IT stuff, Igor. Initially, I declined the offer as I’d only just got the congealed pizza off my boots from the last visit (the floor there is nothing short of disgusting). But, he promised me they’d had a massive clean up and only part of the office was now a health hazard and I wouldn’t need to go there. So, yours truly reluctantly made the trip. Amazingly, I was glad I did because the guys have made a BIG improvement to the system. In fact, it’s barely recognizable as the same system – largely because it’s completely different to the old one. It’s the Brand New Fully Mobile Veebase!

Gimme, gimme Google!

It seems that our dear friends at Google (you know, the other Masters of The Universe) decreed a while back that all web sites must be ‘mobile first’. Igor explained that this meant that any web site that didn’t work properly on a smartphone or tablet would be cast out into the oblivion – simply put, removed from Google’s indexes altogether. This prompted the pizza-eaters to sort out the old Veebase site as it was developed before mobile’s had the kind of capabilities they have now.

The Brand New Fully Mobile Veebase

So, what’s different? Well, everything is different! New look, better filtering, new features such as new products on a carousel on the home page, a daily featured brand on the home page, price drops on the home page and it all works on a smartphone! Beyond that, when you’re looking at a category, such as Alternators , you can sort by price or newness.You can view 12, 24 or 36 products per page and (TA-DA) with some categories like this one, you get relevant results from eBay! The eBay results are loaded dynamically and page with the pages of Veebase products! How neat is that!

And there’s more. The old Veebase system had links to a blogging site called V-twin Community. Management wanted to have the whole lot in one site so the community has gone. But the blogs are now part of Veebase itself! They have plans to run product reviews, features and guest blogs so stay tuned.

Right now, I’m off to remove congealed BBQ bacon cheeseburger pizza from my boots. Igor lied.

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