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Air-cleaner upgrades are worth it

You know that stock air intake on your Touring Harley? Ever wondered why some people change ’em out? Is it just for aesthetics and style or is there more to it than that? Doesn’t the air-cleaner just clean the air?

Who needs air anyway?

The gas you put in your tank needs air to make it burn, well, the oxygen in the air to be precise. If you could drop a lighted match into a flask of gas with no air in it, the match would go out (don’t try this at home, folks, in case you haven’t quite got zero air in the flask!). So, oxygen and gas gives you the power to make the motor run. If you were to increase the amount of oxygen available, the burn gets more efficient and more power is generated.

An air-cleaner to boost performance, not just clean air.

Street Metal Shaker Air-cleaner Kit BlackThat’s where the improved Street Metal Shaker Air Intake Kit from K&N works its magic. By increasing the flow of air into the motor, you get more power and a better burn so less wasted gas. Not only that, it looks good too with its retro styling. Like many K&N products, this one comes with a 10 year/1,000,000 mile warranty so you can be assured of a quality product. The filter is reusable and very high-flow so you get maximum advantage. The tough, custom aluminum backing plate, which mounts direct on the throttle body, has a built in breather system which directs pressure from the breather bolts into the throttle body opening and not out into the air filter.

Available in black or chrome, the filter replacement is an e-3987. although you probably won’t need one!

Mind you, we quite like this Battistini chrome-finish air cleaner too! Again, good performance but blended with Eurostyle!battistini tri-bar air-cleaner


How to clean an Air Filter


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