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Veebase is the only shopping engine dedicated to American V-twin motorcycling and offers unrivaled access to Harley Davidson, Victory, Indian and custom motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.


Visitors to Veebase are on a mission. They're passionate about American motorcycles, know what they're looking for and are at a late stage in the buying cycle.

Our approach

We value our visitors and are continually working to deliver the best possible user experience. As a key part of that experience, we believe the same values should apply to display advertising. For ths reason, we only accept advertising directly related to American V-twin motorcycles.

Four reasons why you should advertise on Veebase

  1. The right audience
    Your ad will always be seen by Harley-Davidson, Victory, Indian and custom motorcycle enthusiasts.
  2. Perfect timing
    Price comparison shoppers are at a late stage in the buying cycle and ready to buy.
  3. Maximum response
    Veebase only accepts adverts related to American V-twin motorcycling. Visitors view and respond to them because they're relevant.
  4. Maximum visibility
    Veebase only displays a maximum of two adverts per page - typically, one above and one below the fold. No other text ads or banners (on page, pop-up or popunder) will distract visitors or dilute your message.

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All advertising on Veebase utilises the standard 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle banner, consistently located in two highly visible locations on the right of every page.


  • Home page
    Veebase currently displays one standard banner on the home page.
  • Internal pages
    A maximum of two standard banners are displayed on the internal pages. The upper ad appears just under the header in line with the page title. The lower ad sits just a little lower, under the 'My Comparison List' feature.
  • Custom locations / co-branding etc
    Enquiries concerning bespoke locations, such as the main home page image, are always welcome and are considered on an individual basis - try us!

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To ensure the highest visitor experience and advertiser ROI, Veebase only accepts advertising related to American V-twin motorcycling and it's related lifestyle.

Where products or services are also relevant to other markets - such as vehicle finance or insurance for example - we ask that advertisers submit copy, creative and landing pages that highlight it's relevance to American V-twin motorcycling.

Media specifications

We welcome static, animated and expanding banners conforming to the following specifications. We also accept tags from third party ad servers.

  • Static banners
    Banner size:           300 x 250
    Formats:                  gif, jpeg or png
    File size:                  40 Kb max
  • Animated banners
    Banner size:            300 x 250
    Format:                     Flash (at a maximum 18 fps)
    Initial file size:          40 Kb max
    Additional file size:  1.2Mb max (polite download)
    Animation length:   15 seconds maximum (Including multiple loops)
    Audio:                        Off by default and user initiated
  • Rich media expanding banners
    Banner size:             300 x 250
    Format:                      Flash
    Initial file size:           40Kb max
    Additional file size:   80Kb max
    Expand direction:      Left and down
    Max expand size:       TBA
    Expand method:        Roll on / roll off
    Control:                       Must include 'Close' or 'X' to enable mouse-off retraction.

Additional notes

Third part tags
Creative served via third party tags must still adhere to our technical and content specifications as detailed above.

Lead time
Banners should be provided to us at least three working days before the start of your campaign to allow for testing.

Advertisers and agencies with approved credit accounts should ensure that we receive payment within 28 days of our invoice date. All other campaigns must be paid in full at least three working days prior to launch.


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Advertiser FAQs

I've never tried banner advertising - how do I start?

Click the Contact Form tab to contact us and we'll happily answer any questions you have about advertising on Then if you're still interested, we can discuss what you'd like to achieve and offer some suggestions

What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on several factors including the location of your banner, the length of your campaign and any offers or discounts currently available.

How do you charge for banner advertising?

Banner advertising on is charged on a CPM basis (Cost Per Thousand). This simply means that for an agreed sum we'll display your advert 1000 times on the pages of the site that you've selected.

I don't have a banner - can you design one for me?

No problem. Our in-house designers can work with your images and ideas to produce outstanding static, animated and expanding banners. Please contatct us for details and to discuss your requirements.

What if a third party already serves my banner ads?

No problem. As soon as your banner ad has been approved, simply supply us with their tags and we're good to go!

How much notice do you need before launching a campaign?

Banner ads should be sent to us for testing at least three working days prior to the launch of your campaign. For more information see our advertiser terms and conditions.

Advertising inquiry

If you have any further questions about Veebase advertising, or you're interested in discussing a campaign, please complete the following form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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